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The cost of installing new tiles and grouting them would have most of us searching for solutions to spruce up what we have on the walls, floors and counter tops of our homes. A professional clean is the answer and choosing Best Carpet Cleaning Kelowna.com makes all the difference.

Our proven cleaning method penetrates deep into the tile and grout lines and lifts out all that stubborn and ugly dirt, leaving the surface sparkling clean and looking new.Moreover, our affordable tile and grout cleaning service eliminates 99.9% of known household germs – nice to know when you consider how frequently you use your wet room areas. Not just restrooms, but showers, toilets and sink areas too.

Regular Cleaning Means Beautiful Tiles

Ceramic tiles and grout lines serve as a waterproofing barrier to moisture and steam, as they adhere to and protect the surfaces they cover. Over time, buildups of grease, mould, mildew, soap and even body fats accumulate on the tile and grout surface, inviting all kinds of undesirable microbes to move in. These leave unsightly blotches that quickly spread over the tile and grout line. Over time, green and black algae take hold leaving marks and blemishes that seem impenetrable, particularly in steam-prone spaces.
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Providing Eco-Friendly Solutions

No need to panic: Our team of experts at Tile and Grout Cleaning Kelowna have developed a high-grade system that rids the space of dirt quickly and effectively. They do this in much less time than it takes using harsh domestic cleaning chemicals and abrasive scrubbing or scouring methods.

Our technique eliminates any risk of cracking or chipping on the tile face or in the grout lines. Our eco-friendly and green chemicals get straight to work removing dirt, scum, algae and other unsightly marks on your tiles and grout lines. When we are finished, your tiled areas should have a clean, sparkling appearance that leaves them looking as good as new.

Other Services Offered

We formed our family-run Best Carpet Cleaning Kelowna.com way back in time to take on the challenge of keeping Kelowna homes and workplaces clean and safe. Here are some of the services on offer and they are all affordable too:

Call us – We Hold the Solution
No matter where your tiles are – counter top, wall, or floor – we will lovingly clean and restore them to their pristine best.  We bring your unsightly tiles and grout lines back to life, leaving them sparkling clean and smelling great. Keeping our position as the best Kelowna carpet and household cleaning professionals is our top priority. 

Call 778-771-1055. Let us show you why we are first choice for cleaning in Kelowna and Okanagan. You can contact us by clicking the link above on your mobile device, or by sending a message with your details using the form on the right. We will call you back in a flash with our Free Instant Quote and set up an appointment to suit you.