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Carpets are still one of the prominent choices of house decors, especially for a comfortable lifestyle. Apart from aesthetical benefits, there are other purposes of a carpet. You might own a luxurious or premium-grade Kelowna carpet that requires diligent care.

Like any other part of your house, whether it be furniture or decor, your carpets require maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, you might want to opt for carpet cleaning in Kelowna. Only real professionals will be able to deliver impeccable services without affecting the quality of your carpets, or area rugs.

You may be a DIY enthusiast who loves to clean and take care of their belongings by themselves. However, it is paramount that you contact professional cleaning services in Kelowna BC with all rights reserved because they are qualified. They may have a license or certification and apart from that, there are many other advantages of hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company:

  • Thorough Cleaning: These professionals have the right tools, equipment, and procedures that will make it possible to offer remarkable carpet cleaning. They will be thorough with it and will offer deep cleaning to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria from the fabrics of your carpets.
  • Multiple Cleaning Choices: You can get dry cleaning Kelowna, cleaning agent and much more. It all depends on the material your Kelowna carpet is made up of, and what they are going to offer. According to your budget, you can choose the right level of service for yourself.
  • Highly-Efficient: In the long run, it will be highly cost-effective for you. Mainly because it will retain the integrity of your Kelowna carpet and also cost much less than DIY. More importantly, you will get the work done faster. These professionals are well-versed in various types of cleaning like area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and simple carpet cleaning.
  • Consultation & Information: If you’re someone who lacks information on the carpet materials, cleaning products to use, and several other factors, these professionals can offer you insights. They are experienced and they offer exceptional consultation. In short, you will always have access to credible customer service for your carpet cleaning services.

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

Kelowna Carpet cleaning is as important as cleaning any other part of your houses like furniture, area rugs and floor. Significantly, it is more important as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and pests. Therefore, with the carpet cleaning services, you have the following benefits:

  • Retain Integrity: There are two ways your carpet may get damaged. One of them is by remaining dirty for an extended time and the second is a wrong cleaning method. Now, wrong carpet cleaning may mean using excessive water, wrong cleaning products, too many products, not dying the area rug, rough rinsing and much more. Both of these can result in a very worn-out carpet. With carpet cleaning in Kelowna, your carpet will retain its integrity, beauty, and appeal.
  • Hygienic Environment: If you have an area rug laid down, or tend to have several carpets across the house, then you need to clean them for a hygienic environment. Deep cleaning a carpet will get rid of all the bacteria, germs and pests. It will amplify the hygiene of your environment and keep everyone healthy. There will be lesser residue if you use a professional cleaning service. Overall, you lead a better lifestyle than your peers.

What Is The Best Way To Get Your Carpet Cleaned

There are primarily five different types of carpet cleaning techniques that you will see in action. According to the money you pay for the carpet cleaning Vernon bc, following are the options:

  1. Dry Powder Cleaning: It is a standard service where a cleaning agent is mixed with the water and a solvent is created. This solvent is then poured over the carpet and it absorbs the dirt from the surface and that will get vacuumed. Therefore, it is not a deep cleaning method. It is only appropriate for carpet maintenance.
  2. Bonnet Cleaning (Or dry clean): In this process, the carpet goes into the agitation machine and then vacuumed. It uses a self-neutralizing detergent that will clean the carpet. Overall, it requires pad-drying for the best results and absorption of the dirty. It is also a maintenance cleaning method.
  3. Warm or Hot Water Extraction: A cheaper and quicker alternative to steam cleaning option. The hot or warm water is poured that will kill the germs and bacteria, along with the detergent. It uses a 100 degrees celsius temperature and uses a similar method of cleaning than others. However, it is still inferior to steam cleaning in professional applications. It is a good eco cleaners Kelowna option.
  4. Encapsulation Cleaning: It is a time-consuming procedure that takes up to a week. First, your carpet will get vacuum cleaned and then an encapsulating chemical will be applied to it. Then it will be placed in a rotary machine where it will be separated from the dirt. It is similar to the dry powder cleaning and only great for cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Steam Cleaning: This process requires extra machinery and tools that can reach beyond 100-degree Celsius and up to 150 degrees in temperature. It is an overall better version than the hot and warm cleaning method. This process is believed to be at least five times better than any other service and offers deep cleaning. Overall, it is superior to any other cleaning technique. However, it requires professional knowledge and adequate skill to conduct steam cleaning.
    Not many service providers will offer professional steam cleaning because of how costly the steam cleaning machine is compared to extraction machines. An extraction machine only costs around $1,000 while steaming costs easily around $50,000. However, Stanley Steemer certainly offers steam carpet cleaning in Kelowna BC.

How Much Does Stanley Steemer Cost For Carpet Cleaning

Stanley Steemer costs anywhere around $80 to $300 for carpet cleaning in Kelowna BC. It depends on the type of carpet you have and the service you are opting for. They offer hot water, steam clean and simple loosen and lift types. They can take care of all the dirt, bacteria and mites. Upholstery cleaning can also be chosen while they are more proficient in dealing with high traffic carpet.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

It heavily depends on the type of service you’re opting for. If you’re doing it by yourself, then the only investment you make is for cleaning agents and possibly the additional tools. There is no consideration of energy to invest in cleaning. However, if you go for professional carpet cleaning services, then the cost may vary.

Primarily, it depends on the nature of the material your carpet has. The use of cleaning products varies greatly depending on the material for exceptional service.

Another important point to note is that the cleaning rates are according to per square feet. So it can cost anywhere from $2 to $5 per square feet of the carpet to hire professional rug cleaning service.

Hire Professional Kelowna Carpet Cleaners

With all rights reserved for Kelowna carpet cleaning services, we offer clean and highly professional services. Whether you have area rugs, simple carpets or the luxurious decor, we are proficient in carrying out our services. More importantly, we are well-versed with a team of experienced professionals. Our innovative methods make us one of the best Kelowna Carpet cleaners. For any query, contact us today.

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